Conferences to unleash your company’s full potential 

Each conference is designed to enable your company and employees to achieve the following:

  • Employees more engaged in their organization 
  • Strongermanagerialand leadership qualities 
  • Better management ofstress and challenges, resulting in effective, more confident employees, even in crisis situations
  • Healthyenvironmentconducive to individual growth 
  • Better communication and team work

Sylvie Thiffault has helped hundreds of businesses create a corporate culture focused on employee and management performance by improving the quality of their communications.

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Dear friends, you who’ve participated in my conferences, what better way to keep in touch than a blog? I’d like…


[cl-review quote= »I’ve been attending Sylvie Thiffault’s conferences for 3 years and they’ve helped me become a better manager, which in turn has enabled my team to improve its performance. After taking her course ‘From Group Work to Teamwork,’ among others, we increased our team productivity by 17% in 2013. Sylvie Thiffault is an excellent listener with an ability to help us understand our communications issues. She suggests practical tools that allow us to exchange information quickly and be more functional. » author= »Andrée Bourgeois, Agronomist » occupation= »Technical Service Manager, Eastern Region » type= »quote » layout= »clean » italic= »1″]
[cl-review quote= »Sylvie Thiffault is a very popular trainer with our clientele, earning an average satisfaction score of 98%. She stands out for her energy, the relevancy of her examples and the depth of the content she covers. Sylvie’s professionalism, personality and originality make her an exceptional trainer. » author= »Richard Chénier  » occupation= »Manager, Professional Development École de technologie supérieure   » type= »quote » layout= »framed » italic= »1″]