DARE to Speak When It’s Time: The End of the Imposter Syndrome


At meetings, with customers, among coworkers, in project groups, you know you’re right but don’t speak up. There’s a familiar little voice in your head constantly telling you you’re not good enough. You hold back… The imposter syndrome is that little voice telling you over and over that someone is eventually going to expose you. Someone is going to realize that another person would do a better job. You believe this internal monolog and keep quiet.

This motivational conference will help you stop worrying about being “found out” and, with a good dose of self-confidence, learn to realize your value. You will develop the desire to dare, to give your opinion and to ask questions. And you will learn how to choose the right moment, because timing is about knowing when to act.

Target audience

All personnel in your organization, regardless of their position.

Advantages for the participants

  • Better able to express their ideas (and observe the positive impact!).
  • Ability to feed a discussion by contributing ideas and asking questions.
  • Less stress.
  • More self-confidence!

Advantages for the employer

  • Increased productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Greater sense of responsibilities among the participants.
  • More creativity.
  • Improved ability to express encouragement and provide support to teams.
  • Reduction in stress.

Themes covered

  • Imposter syndrome.
  • The causes, and the solutions and how to put them into practice.
  • Personal credibility as your primary work tool: how to build it, maintain it and quickly increase it.
  • Discover the real added value of your position; the four secrets of influencers.
  • Know how to ground yourself when doubt resurfaces.
  • Have impact without imposing yourself (practical exercise).