Choose and be chosen workshop



Choose and Be ChosenWorkshop

You are

  • Single and you stopped believing that for you, a love life is still possible?
  • Exhausted just thinking about « getting back on the single’s market »?
  • Done being told » You’ll see, you’ll find someone when you stop looking! »
  • Resigned to living by yourself forever?
  • Tired of meeting only “losers”.
  • Autonomous, independent and love the life you lead, but want to share it.
  • Full of life, independent, interesting and ready to share your life?
  • Ready to change your life from solo to duo, even if you no longer believe in it.

You answered
to one of these questions?

This workshop will provoke a deep reflexion , will rejuvenate you and we promise, is very realistic.

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Do you think you’ve tried everything? And, despite everything, you are still single!

Sylvie Thiffault welcomes you to this workshop, inspired by « Choose and be chosen », soon to be available in English.

Come! Participate to this transformative « Choose and be chosen » event.  Sylvie Thiffault shares 15 years of experience and research. She shares from the most recent discoveries in neuroscience, psychology and spirituality, combined in a unique methodology that will allow you to look for and find the right person for you.

In a relaxed atmosphere, where depth, kindness and humor reign, you will learn to:

  • Do a daily RESET to transform your deep resignation to act and find the right person to share your life.
  • Find the right person for you without having to experience a succession of disappointing encounters.
  • Open your heart and connect with divine energy to the Source of the success of your efforts. You are not alone.
  • Clearly identify what you are really ready to receive, and what you no longer want…really with more clarity than ever.
  • Recognize and avoid errors of judgment that are invisible and that are in your blind spot.
  • Take advantage of a detailed and proven methodology, a path to follow to find “the right one”, quickly.
  • Avoid casual encounters.
  • Learn to separate real from false intentions.
  • Transition from living alone to living as a sustainable partner — on your terms.

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Choose and being chosen workshops

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