Choose & being chosen workshop

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You answered YES to one of these questions?

This workshop will provoke a deep reflexion , will rejuvenate you and we promise, is very realistic.

Do you think you've tried everything? And, despite everything, you are still single!

Sylvie Thiffault welcomes you to this workshop, inspired by « Choose and be chosen », soon to be available in English.
Come! Participate to this transformative « Choose and be chosen » event. Sylvie Thiffault shares 15 years of experience and research. She shares from the most recent discoveries in neuroscience, psychology and spirituality, combined in a unique methodology that will allow you to look for and find the right person for you.

Take part in the “Choose and be chosen” event. Sylvie Thiffault shares 15 years of life and research, where she connects the most recent discoveries where neuroscience, psychology and spirituality combine in a single method that allows you to find… . and keep the right person to share your life with.

In a relaxed atmosphere, where depth, kindness and humor reign, you will learn to:


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