The Client Attitude: Connect With Style


How do you defuse emotional bombs? Clients always have the option to go elsewhere. Their loyalty is earned slowly and easily lost. They can forgive a mistake if they are offered options adapted to their needs. But if they are treated in an impersonal manner, they will never forget it.

In an organization, we are all someone’s client. The client attitude involves understanding our clients’ personality style, which helps us connect with them more quickly and defuse any emotional bombs.

Target audience

  • Everyone in the company, to eliminate silos.
  • Customer service professionals and sales representatives.
  • Consultants.
  • Executives and managers.
  • Administrative assistants.
  • Advantages for the participants
  • Reduce difficult clients’ resistance.
  • Guide conversations without dominating them.
  • Achieve greater mutual respect.
  • Finally understand why we connect better with some clients and less so with others.

Advantages for the employer

  • Stronger results from sales and customer service teams.
  • More creativity and initiative from personnel in resolving client problems.
  • Better insight into clients’ motivations and needs.
  • Personnel more skilled at creating harmonious relationships with clients.

Themes covered

  • The two brain functions that lead all of our conversations.
  • The four main personality styles, the way they function (modus operandi), their strengths and their weaknesses: how to target and adapt to them.
  • Temperament and the decision-making process: how to ensure our heart doesn’t make us lose our head and react badly in the moment.
  • How to identify bad intentions.
  • The perception game: avoid the “whose wrong, whose right” escalation or “wall.”
  • The magic of interactions: understand why you connect better with some people than with others.
  • Case studies: the approaches to keep and those to improve.