Sylvie Thiffault

A passionate professional 

Instructor, speaker, author… Sylvie Thiffault excels wherever there is an opportunity to share her knowledge: “I teach because it’s my passion, because I’m convinced that understanding helps us live better.” Driven by the belief that to change and evolve, we need to understand, and to communicate effectively with others, we must be able to connect with them, she provides the tools to enable each person to grow and develop.

Sylvie Thiffault holds a Communications degree and has served as senior consultant and Director of Training with major Canadian companies. She specializes notably in the Myers-Briggs personality test (MBTI) and the DISC assessment tool, which measures behaviour in four dimensions (dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance).

These top-ranked tools for team building make her a much sought-after speaker who excels in the art of motivating the troops, honing communication and relational skills, mastering change and leading adeptly while leveraging the power to influence.

A Fascinating Speaker

Whether for onsite training, a workshop or a conference, Sylvie Thiffault knows how to engage her audience and, above all, deliver content that is always current and sufficiently robust that every participant leaves the room well-equipped, motivated and ready for action.

With executives and managers, she will communicate the basics of transversal leadership, an approach she has experience putting into practice thanks to her extensive background in highly competitive environments where change must happen quickly. This is a proven method of managing without direct hierarchy that leverages the power of influence. She uses the ÉTS-formation program in particular to teach it.

Development of interpersonal communication skills, identification and management of various personality types, the effects of change on people and their environment, sound management of political abilities, the generational differences (values, perspectives), professional recognition, and the client approach… all concepts she has skilfully presented in conferences and workshops using content prepared by her that has inspired employees, consultants and managers focused on and driven by excellence.

An Experienced Instructor 

“You teach best what you most need to learn.” This quote from Richard Bach inspires and energizes the training offered by Sylvie Thiffault. Her courses and workshops, which can be adapted for any type of business, provide concrete content that each of the participants can put into practice in their everyday professional lives.

Sylvie Thiffault teaches leadership, the art of communicating and the ability to connect: qualities thought to be innate but which are in fact learned and developed. “Just because we can speak doesn’t mean we know how to communicate,” she aptly notes.

How do we gain support for our ideas? Adapt how we approach others to their personality type? Become more self-aware to reduce the effects of our communication blind spots? The workshops, courses, and training sessions developed by Sylvie Thiffault deliver concrete solutions and provide the tools and arguments to achieve these goals.

Sylvie Thiffault Choisir et être choisi

A Prolific Author

Sylvie Thiffault writes about what directly affects people and conveys in her writings her experience with human relations, interpersonal communication and networks of influence.

In addition to the content for her courses and conferences and various articles, she has just finished writing a book on her preferred themes, communication and interpersonal relations, this time for single people. Choose and Be Chosen: Strategies to Rewrite Your Destiny From Single to Couple, which will be published in 2019, is in some respects a print version of the content of her workshop for singles.

For Sylvie Thiffault, writing is an act of communicating her experiences, of openness and accessibility. “I write because I’ve understood that talking about our mistakes is more productive than vaunting our infinite wisdom and our successes.”