For over six months, I’ve been trying to find the time to do what I’m finally doing now, connect with you through this blog.

Six months! Dealing with the demands of everyday life…

  • Fold a pile of towels from the dryer
  • Gather together my tax documents to take to my accountant
  • Clean out the fridge before some of the Tupperware containers get up and walk away on their own
  • Go to the hospital to care for my sick mother
  • Call my friend Sonya, who left me a message at least three days ago
  • Answer the emails that are piling up and making me stressed
  • Pay my credit card bill and deposit a cheque online

… instead of writing. 

Six months paying attention to the urgent things instead of the whispers in my heart, my head:

  • Take 5 minutes, look at the sunshine, breathe.
  • Stop, sit down, breathe.
  • Stop, listen, do something fun.
  • Slow down, be thankful for your health, for being alive.
  • Stop, do what’s important, write, tell, share.

And you, have you spent the past 6+ months the same way, focused on the urgent things calling for your attention, or have you been wiser and listened to the whispers that remind us what is really important, before the important becomes urgent, as Stephen Covey said?

The important eventually becomes urgent, and only then do we take care of it.

In 2012, I was about to turn 50, in August. I’d been single for 15 years. Not alone necessarily 😉 but single.

All of a sudden, I felt the pressing need to act on what, for 15 years, had been important but clearly not urgent: my personal life.

Being faced with a “new decade” of aging has that effect. A sense of mortality. The illusion of being immortal gives way to awareness of the time that’s left.

I listened to the whisper in my heart, which was suffering from the lack of affection, continuity, sharing.

The whisper said: “I want to share my life.”

And I began listening to the whisper, through the urgencies and obligations of everyday life, which NEVER decrease. I began paying attention to the signs, the little signs of destiny.

In July, I will celebrate 6 years of love with Alex. I’m 56 now. My mother passed away in March of last year, a cruel reminder that life is short and we are mortal.

The desire to share my reflections and principles, to write in my book everything that consciously helped me realize my old, impossible dream of sharing my life, that desire is a whisper to take action.

My book is on the way, and in the meantime, I’m following the path of encounters that enable me to share with my future readers and all those who, like you, want to connect with what their whispers are telling them is important… and perhaps becoming urgent.

What is important never cries out — what is urgent yells, demands, makes noise. What is important whispers: stop, breathe, think about yourself, just one little step at a time, in the direction of your dreams.

Maybe the time has come to rethink a relationship… to listen to the whisper of hope and not to the one that says: I no longer believe — being happy in a couple, that’s no longer for me.

If it’s for you, you know, you can feel it.

I’m going to stop here for today, dear readers.

For me, taking the time to be with you as you pursue your dream to share your life is important, it’s my destiny.

And I leave you now, whispering… the time has come to share your life.

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